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arrow-1 RealSender
single dedicated smtp server
it can send up to 10,000 emails per week
(generally used for 1-to-1 / transactional emails)
arrow-3 HighSender
one email gateway to multiple dedicated smtp servers
relays from 2 to 24 servers, automatically balanced
can send up to 240,000 emails per week
(generally used for newsletters / mass mailings)


The limits of our offer

  • for each customer, a dedicated server is prepared, tuned and kept active 24/7,
    this has a minimum cost that you won't find in shared smtp environments.
  • we do not control the content of the messages sent, these can cause the delivery to the Spam / Junk folder.
  • some email providers, per default deliver messages from unknown senders to the junk mail folder. Their antispam system learns from what their users do with the messages they receive. If the individual recipient flags once the received mail as NON spam, it will learn that they are valid messages and will begin delivering them to the "Inbox" folder instead of "Junk". Alternatively, the sender must be in the address book of the recipient or have previously exchanged emails.
    Our technical staff will help you to identify these cases and to implement an effective delivery strategy.