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RealSender provides secure smtp servers
with dedicated ip address
the best way to your recipients' email inbox

it authenticates outgoing emails with spf and dkim,
each server can send up to 10,000 emails per week,
up to 240,000 emails per week with "HighSender"

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Sending emails without RealSender
you connect to a shared smtp server
the password is transmitted as plain text

the reputation of the messages you send depends on the use of many people, the server can easily be blacklisted for sending spam

you connect to the server passing the data in an insecure way, like writing username and password on a postcard: everyone could read and abuse them

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Sending emails using RealSender,
you connect to a dedicated smtp server
the password transmission must be secure

each customer receives a dedicated IP address, he is responsible for its reputation, if it gets blacklisted we'll promptly send him a warning

the connection to the server can be done only via secure channels, none can read your data, you and your team are the only ones allowed to use it

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