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RealSender® is the Dedicated SMTP provider
that offers SMTP servers with Dedicated IP and domain only.
This guarantees a good reputation for the "courier"
who will deliver the emails without being rejected

INXBOX is the technology that monitors the reputation of senders
and masks the internet connection in use.
This provides peace of mind and confidence that
the email messages will be delivered to the inbox of the recipients

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The good reputation of the "courier"
allows the email delivery without being rejected

Sent emails are authenticated with spf and dkim so your recipients know for sure that they come from you

Your email messages will be delivered
in the inbox of the recipients

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There is no limit to the daily number of messages that can be sent, no interruption or delay

You can track the delivery status in real time
(the status page is updated every 5 minutes)

Our technical staff will help you in the setup,
also with special settings, such as sending
without authentication

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