newsletter mailboxes

If you send newsletters, you’ll probably need to setup additional mailboxes:
to receive the bounced messages (e.g. bounce@…),
and one for receiving standard reply emails (e.g. news@…).

For this reason we introduced two mailboxes matched to your RealSender account:

The mailboxes have been configured so that they can receive large amounts of emails in a short time, as in the case of bounces.
!!! Please note: email messages are automatically deleted after 7 days !!!

Using one of these addresses both as the return-path (email address that will receive the bounces),
the sent messages will be automatically authenticated with SPF and DKIM,
without the need of additional settings in the DNS of your domain name.

To download the emails, you should configure your email client, or the application that analyzes the bounced messages,
with the following POP3 server address:
Usernames and passwords are available through the website’s restricted area.